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Want to know the insider secrets we discovered while generating over $3.64 billion of Sales Qualified Pipeline? Over 50% of winnable deals go to the first responder. Learn how to be the first responder every time. Download the 60-Second Speed to Lead Blueprint for immediate pipeline impact.

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The 60-Second Speed To Lead Blueprint

The six (Plus bonus) reasons you need the “60-second Speed to Lead Blueprint” are:

Increased Conversion Rates:

Responding to leads within 60 seconds dramatically increases the likelihood of conversion. Immediate engagement capitalizes on the moment of peak interest, significantly enhancing the chances of turning a lead into a customer.

Competitive Advantage:

In today's fast-paced digital marketplace, being the first to engage can give you a substantial edge over competitors. Over 50% of winnable deals go to the company that responds first.

Improved Customer Experience:

Quick response times demonstrate to potential customers that you value their time and are attentive to their needs. This positive first impression can set the tone for the entire customer relationship, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Optimized Marketing Spend:

By effectively engaging and converting a higher percentage of leads, you maximize the return on your marketing investments. The blueprint helps ensure that the traffic generated by your advertising, SEO, and content efforts doesn't go to waste.

Data-Driven Insights:

The blueprint emphasizes the importance of leveraging data to refine your engagement strategies continuously. By analyzing response times, engagement rates, and conversion metrics, you can make informed decisions to improve your processes further.

Scalable Lead Management:

As your business grows, managing an increasing volume of leads efficiently becomes crucial. The "60-second Speed to Lead Blueprint" provides scalable strategies for rapid lead engagement, ensuring that your growth doesn't compromise the quality of your customer interactions.

Three bonus reasons to adopt the “60-second Speed to Lead Blueprint”:

Enhanced Sales Team Efficiency:

Quick and effective lead engagement allows your sales team to focus on the most promising prospects, optimizing their efforts and time. By prioritizing leads that have been rapidly and successfully engaged and qualified, your sales team can operate more efficiently, dedicating resources to nurturing and closing deals with highly interested leads.

Shortened Sales Cycle:

Engaging leads within the first 60 seconds not only increases the likelihood of conversion but can also significantly shorten the sales cycle. Rapid response times can accelerate the transition from initial interest to decision-making, as prospects feel immediately attended to and valued, reducing the time needed to build trust and move through the sales funnel.

Reduced Client Acquisition Costs:

Implementing the "60-second Speed to Lead Blueprint" leads to more efficient lead conversion processes. Maximizing the conversion rate of website visitors into qualified leads through rapid engagement, thus increasing the yield from your existing traffic. This improved efficiency means you're getting more value out of your marketing spend, reducing the cost associated with acquiring each new client.

Inside Of This Free eBook You’ll Discover…

From the desk of Terry Wilson
Broadbeach QLD

Dear Revenue Leader,

For the past 8 years, I’ve run the fully staffed live chat service called “Chat Metrics” generating nearly $4bn is sales sales-qualified pipeline for our clients.
Every day we review and refine our process to maximise our conversion rates.
Discovering what works, and what doesn’t.

Terry Wilson

And here’s what I know…
Every day you are being bombarded with marketing and sales advertising messages.
Every guru is trying to draw your attention to THEIR thing, their solution, their platform, their opinion. 
And frankly, the vast majority is a total TOTAL DISTRACTION and often simply HOLLOW PROMISES.
AND a total waste of your time. Right?
Like you, I VALUE my time.
The way I see it…
Give me what I need to know NOW to help me convert more sales-qualified leads so I can implement and get on with it!
In and out. Please don’t waste my time.
Are you the same way?
I thought so.
Because that’s one of the big reasons I put together this 60-Second Speed To Lead Blueprint.

Get The Results You’re Looking For

The Blueprint is a detailed, no-nonsense, “get right to the point” compilation of our Speed to Lead Secrets…Insider tips, strategies, processes, tweaks, and little-known formulas that have helped us go from zero to $3.56bn in Sales-Qualified Pipeline delivered in just 8 years.

What’s great is that this blueprint lays out exactly how to achieve a 60-second Speed to Lead response time guaranteeing you more sales-qualified pipeline, more sales, and more market share!

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“The 60-Second Speed To Lead Blueprint”

Unlock the Secret Formula: How to Engage Every Lead in 60 Seconds Flat! -

Peek behind the curtain to discover the blueprint that's revolutionizing lead response times.

Transform Your Website into a Lead Magnet Overnight! -

Imagine waking up to a website that's buzzing with engaged leads ready to convert. We'll show you how.

Slash Your CAC While Skyrocketing ROAS! -

Uncover the strategies that simultaneously reduce your customer acquisition costs and boost your return on ad spend.

Say Goodbye to Cold Leads with Our Warm-up Wizardry! -

Learn the art of warming up leads so effectively, they'll think they've known you for years.

From First Click to Commitment: The Speed-to-Lead Love Story! -

Dive into the tales of leads won at lightning speed, turning clicks into commitments

Why Wait? Win Leads While Competitors Snooze! -

Discover how to snatch up leads in the blink of an eye, leaving your competitors wondering what happened.

The ROI Revolution: Make Every Click Count! -

Dive into the tales of leads won at lightning speed, turning clicks into commitments

Elevate Your Engagement: The Human Touch in a Digital World! -

Find out how to infuse your digital interactions with genuine warmth and empathy, making technology feel human.

First Impressions in a Flash: The 60-Second Wow Factor! -

Master the art of making a jaw-dropping first impression in less time than it takes to pour a cup of coffee.

Lead Nurturing Without the Creep Factor! -

Learn the secrets to nurturing leads so smoothly, they'll never feel pressured or spooked.

60-Second Speed To Lead Blueprint

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The Seamless Sales Handoff: Like Passing the Baton in a Relay Race! -

Perfect the art of passing leads from marketing to sales so seamlessly, it's like a well-rehearsed relay race.

Data-Driven Dominance: Turn Analytics into Action! -

Become the master of your metrics, using data to dominate your niche and outmaneuver the competition.

The Speed-to-Lead Creed: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet! -

Take the pledge to become the superhero of lead response times, faster than a speeding bullet.

The Conversion Conundrum: Solved by Speed! -

Crack the code on skyrocketing conversion rates with the one element you've been missing: speed.

Lead Generation Alchemy: Turning Browsers into Buyers! -

Discover the alchemical secrets that transform casual browsers into eager buyers with just a touch of speed.

The Engagement Enigma: Unlocking the Power of Promptness! -

Solve the engagement enigma with the key ingredient that's been right in front of you: promptness.

Ditch the Digital Delays: Instant Impact Strategies! -

Say goodbye to digital dawdling and hello to strategies that deliver instant impact and engagement.

The Rapport Revolution: Building Bonds at Breakneck Speed! -

Join the revolution that's redefining how quickly and deeply you can bond with your leads.

Beat the Bounce: Turn Skimmers into Stayers! -

Learn how to captivate skimmers in seconds, turning them into stayers who are ready to engage.

The Trust Transformation: Fast-Track to Faith in Your Brand! -

Fast-track your way to earning trust, building a faithful following for your brand faster than ever.

Speedy Solutions: The Antidote to Lead Lethargy! -

Inject your lead engagement strategy with speedy solutions that wake up even the sleepiest of leads.

The Proactive Power Play: Anticipate, Engage, Convert! -

Make the proactive power play that anticipates your leads' desires, engaging and converting them before they even know what hit them.

From Zero to Hero: The Lead Response Story You'll Brag About! -

Transform from zero to hero in your lead response times, with a story so compelling, you'll want to brag about it.

The Time-Taming Techniques That Topple Titans! -

Unleash time-taming techniques so powerful, they topple industry titans and set new benchmarks.

The Digital Handshake: Warmth in a Wired World! -

Perfect the digital handshake that conveys warmth and welcome in a world wired for speed.

The Empathy Edge: Winning Hearts at Warp Speed! -

Gain the empathy edge that wins hearts and minds at warp speed, making every lead feel like the only one.

60-Second Speed To Lead Blueprint

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The Blueprint is PACKED

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The Chat Champion's Toolkit: Arm Yourself for Instant Engagement! -

Arm yourself with the chat champion's toolkit, brimming with instant engagement strategies that leave leads in awe.

The Follow-Up Phenomenon: No Lead Left Behind! -

Witness the follow-up phenomenon where no lead is left behind, thanks to the relentless pursuit of engagement.

The Speed-to-Lead Symphony: Where Every Note Counts! -

Conduct the speed-to-lead symphony, where every note of engagement plays its part in perfect harmony.

The Engagement Illusionist: Creating Connections from Thin Air! -

Step into the shoes of the engagement illusionist, creating connections so seamlessly, they seem conjured from thin air.


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