How to Manage Your Sales Team to Get More Qualified Leads Cost-Effectively?

sales team

Do you know in the last five years, the cost of creating visibility to your product has increased by 50%? This shoot up in cost happened due to the transition from traditional media to digital media and the high engagement of the audience in newer social platforms make a business to focus on almost channels […]

How to Make Your Customers Renew Subscriptions and Stay with Your Products?

Do you know, by revenue, Microsoft is the largest provider of SaaS services with an 18% market share? Salesforce is in second place with 11.5% share and Adobe is third with 6.7%? All put together they make one-third of the world’s SaaS revenue share and the reason why they stay on top is because of […]

Amazon Rising – in Australia

What will it mean for online retailers in Australia? Our friends at statista sent this very unassuming chart. I didn’t think too much of it to start with. We all know #Amazon is big! Then, but hang on – bigger (nearly twice the size) for U.S. online shoppers than all search engines? As big as […]