How to Leverage Your Business Using Relationship Marketing?

How to Leverage Your Business Using Relationship Marketing?

In today’s digital landscape, we can literally connect with anyone anywhere in the world. With a click away you can connect with an old buddy on Facebook, a former colleague on LinkedIn, or a famous personality on Instagram. But a connection is different from a relationship. Relationships take time, effort and require a commitment to […]

Reputation is the new currency……

Your customer can be your greatest marketing resource – believe it or not! Your customers know the value you deliver. They know what your service is like and how well you fulfil your promise. In this age of instant everything, reputation is the new currency. The first place people go to check you our is […]

Re-establishing The Relationship With Your Customer

Relationships are a two-way street. When a mistake is made, it takes a simple ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘You’re forgiven’ to start the mending process. In the world of business, your support team is responsible for keeping the peace in customer relationships, no matter the size of the problem. It’s always better to prevent a customer […]

Amazon Rising – in Australia

What will it mean for online retailers in Australia? Our friends at statista sent this very unassuming chart. I didn’t think too much of it to start with. We all know #Amazon is big! Then, but hang on – bigger (nearly twice the size) for U.S. online shoppers than all search engines? As big as […]