Demand Generation – why CMOs are frustrated

Demand generation is almost like witchcraft. We have heard Chris Walker talk about the “Dark Social”, well there is a lot more than just social that’s in the dark. Private networks and communities (HSE Games, Pavillion, Rev Genius), Slack, WhatsApp, Discord, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit, Quora, Medium… the list goes on Let alone the fact […]

B2B Lead Generation Solution That 100% Works

B2B Lead Generation Solution That 100% Works

Connect in real-time with your customers and start generating high-quality Sales Qualified Leads as and when they land on your website. Make every interaction on your website more personal with ChatMetrics. Fully Humanized Live Chat Solution 24/7 Real-Time Assistance Guaranteed Sales Qualified Leads 100% Higher Conversions Connect in real-time with your customers and start generating […]

How SaaS Companies Can Get Qualified Leads In Five Simple Steps?

How SaaS Companies Can Get Qualified Leads

Today’s digital market is not about getting web traffic but about getting the “targeted” and “relevant” web traffic that could fetch qualified leads. Optimized websites help to generate qualified sales leads that guarantee true revenue for the companies. A well-optimized website constitutes 63% of the total sales and the rapidly growing internet adoption makes every […]

Is Your Online Business Ready For The Post Corona virus Recovery?

Covid proof your online business

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) global lockdown is expected to impact us into the future, all the contingency plans we use in the business right now are likely to stay for a while too. Social distancing, quarantine policies, work-from-home, email/phone communication, video conferencing, Live Chat, cybersecurity and social media activities have become the norm of the […]

Thinking about Managed Live Chat? Things you need to consider…

Thinking about Managed Live Chat – there’s a lot to consider including DIY – It’s a new client booster! Don’t be fooled through thinking in will be super easy to do it yourself. And it all depends heavily on your objective of providing the live chat service on your website. The main objectives are: To provide customer […]

Potential New Client? Don’t expect us to be here when you need us!

Don’t leave your Chat Box unmanned! Or with the “Leave us a Message” message! Your potential new clients will just leave! How would you like it if you walked into a store and the service team all had their backs to you and ignored you? You wouldn’t feel very welcome and certainly, you would not […]

Looking for more sales? Don’t forget your existing customers!

How much time have you spent thinking up new ideas to generate new business? Do you have a system? How much do you invest in marketing to bring new customers to your business? Statistics prove that the cost of acquisition of new customers (CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost) far exceeds the cost of growing sales […]