Demand Generation – why CMOs are frustrated

Demand Generation – why CMOs are frustrated

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Demand Generation – why CMOs are frustrated

Demand generation is almost like witchcraft.

We have heard Chris Walker talk about the “Dark Social”, well there is a lot more than just social that’s in the dark.

Private networks and communities (HSE Games, Pavillion, Rev Genius), Slack, WhatsApp, Discord, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit, Quora, Medium… the list goes on

Let alone the fact that your prospects will fully research you on your website before they reach out.

All this culminates in difficulty in proving ROI on any demand-generating activities that influence those channels.

Are higher expectations with Limited budgets also impacting your demand-generation efforts? Cash is tight and everyone is watching the dollars. Anywhere that a clear ROI can’t be demonstrated is at risk of a reduction in budget – either way, “more from less” is the mantra…

And, how about the frustration stemming from any disconnect between the efforts of the demand generation marketing team to create high-intent sales leads and the sales team’s efforts of following these up effectively? Everyone is under the same pressure to do more with less and speed to lead can be one area that suffers dramatically.

So, what’s the solution, and is there one?

Book 25% More Meetings From Your Demand Generation Strategies

There is one very effective way to resolve the demand generation conundrum in terms of conversion rates, speed to lead and lead quality to repair the relationship with sales. The problem is that thousands of companies have tried to implement it with varying degrees of success.

Success hinges on a few very defined best practices that are well beyond the reach of most businesses.

The onerous nature of these requirements means that those who have tried have had extremely varying degrees of success, to the extent that they often fall back on what is touted as the “second best option.” However, our experience is that this is the third-best option in most cases.

The answer I am referring to is Live Chat.

A properly implemented Live Chat service on your website WILL BOOST CONVERSIONS from your website. It doesn’t just deliver more of the same, it allows for full qualification during the chat conversation, meaning your Account Managers get higher quality and better-qualified leads.

What’s the third best option? I hear you ask, it’s chatbots. But that’s for a whole other article. Suffice it to say that B2B does a horrific job with chatbots compared to e-commerce, and I think there is a very valid reason for this.

Does Live Chat Increase Demand?

Of and in itself, live chat does not increase demand. It does, however, funnel a much greater percentage of the demand you have attracted to your website into your sales funnel than forms or chatbots ever will. And with the cost of attracting that demand to your website ever increasing, you simply can’t afford to allow potential customers to bounce off your competitors to be the first ones to respond to their questions. Live chat harvests existing demand for your solution through real-time conversations, giving
your sales team the power to close more prospects to paying customers.
How do Chat Metrics Help B2B Demand Generation?

Generate highly qualified leads at the scale

Chat Metrics allows to have meaningful conversations with online visitors, letting them know that a real human is behind the chat to share their details with confidence.

Better ROI on your demand generation campaigns Track your campaigns’

cost per lead, conversation rate, and the number of leads you’re getting from specific audience segments.

Access and manage your leads with ease We deliver leads to your inbox.

You can also download your leads from the Chat Metrics dashboard or integrate them with your preferred marketing automation or CRM tool.


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How Chat Metrics Works…

We make sure your customers engage

When website visitors reach your website or landing page, the Live Chat window acts as an attention grabber to engage with them. We then ensure the visitor takes the desired action your business needs – for example, a downloadable eBook or a webinar signup.

Instantly collect complete and accurate leads

Once your customers chat with our team, we will ask them your qualifying questions and gather accurate professional information such as their name, contact information, company name, and location. With a simple conversation without having to go through the hassle of calling your business — customers can instantly send you their information, creating leads for your business.

Automatically connect members with your offers and content

As soon as customers/visitors engage in a chat, if they are still in the earlier stages of their research, we will ensure they connect with your eBook, demo, or another destination of your choice.

Measure the impact of your demand-generation campaigns

Using our built-in tracking and reporting metrics, measure your campaign cost per lead, lead generation, and the specific segment of audiences that are converting into leads.

Access your leads in Campaign Manager or your preferred third-party tools

Download your leads directly from our Dashboard or direct your leads to the CRM or marketing automation tool of your choice.

Generate More B2B Sales Leads

Your company’s success depends on its human connections. A report from Capgemini shows that customers are more likely to re-purchase from your business when they have a personal connection to your brand. Personal, meaningful, and timely human connections are always important and Chat Metrics delivers them the best. We address these challenges not just by providing excellent customer experiences, but also by meeting your customer’s needs.

• Talk to Real Humans

We are a team of Real People who operate behind your website’s live chat 24/7 to generate Sales Qualified Leads. The real people, or as we call them, Online Sales Executives (OSEs), answer your customer queries by working in shifts, improving your customers’ experiences, collecting leads, and increasing sales.

• We Understand Your Business Like No One Else

As our OSEs are real people and not AI-powered chatbots, we always learn about your business and understand it with every customer interaction. So, with each chat, our OSEs learn more about your business, making further conversations more meaningful, which ultimately helps you close more leads quickly.

• Robust Support 24/7

Our OSEs can answer your chats 24/7, 365 days a year, even on the weekends and on holidays. Also, we can adapt to your business hours. We have a robust team that is completely flexible to quickly adapt to your chat volume.

• Qualified and Trained OSEs

We know how much a positive experience is important for our clients. That’s why we always hire OSEs with the skillsets to influence positive experiences on your website and build a relationship with your business.
Once hired, our OSEs undergo rigorous training about your business, and with your input, they essentially become a part of your business. All our OSEs are native English speakers from different parts of the world. So, you have nothing to worry about when they’re on your website chatting with your website visitors.


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We Help You Attain Your Sales Goals
• Accelerate Your Sales Cycle
Decrease the time spent on lead qualification and provide your sales team with more leads at a higher speed.

Reach More Decision Makers
Get the contact details of customers with the highest opportunity to convert.

• Leads to Sales
Increase your Lead to Sale conversion by 28% through better-qualified leads.

• Demo Bookings

Increase your Booked Demos and Sales Qualified Leads by over 25% from your existing website traffic.

• Higher Conversions

Boost your website conversion rate by 100%

We Are a Part of Your Team
Let your team focus on what they do best; drive traffic and convert sales while we create
sales-qualified leads.

  • We shorten your visitor’s wait time by providing answers instantly. Answer frequently asked questions and qualify leads at the same time.
  • When we generate leads, your sales team can focus on prospects who showed interest in your products or offers to nurture them into lifelong customers.

Holistic Integration Support

Our integration with Zapier makes it possible to integrate with 1000+ apps and counting such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Active Campaign, Hubspot, Sugar, Infusionsoft, Google Adwords, and more. Our team of in-house developers will work with you to capture the fields that you would like to integrate and can be set up in a few simple steps. It only takes a few minutes, and we look after it for you.

Most Popular Integrations
Automate your lead generation via Chat Metrics using these most-used apps.

salesforce          insightly          hubspot.

To see if you qualify to generate 25% more leads on your website, sign up for Chat Metrics! Generate more qualified leads for your business and increase your ROI.

If you’d like to learn how we have achieved a 60 Second Speed To Lead download our 60 Second Speed To Lead Blueprint here.




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Demand Generation – why CMOs are frustrated