How to Manage Your Sales Team to Get More Qualified Leads Cost-Effectively?

How to Manage Your Sales Team to Get More Qualified Leads Cost-Effectively?

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How to Manage Your Sales Team to Get More Qualified Leads Cost-Effectively?

Do you know in the last five years, the cost of creating visibility to your product has increased by 50%? This shoot up in cost happened due to the transition from traditional media to digital media and the high engagement of the audience in newer social platforms make a business to focus on almost channels to get customer’s attention. Here we have listed down a few cost-effective ways to increase your brand visibility and get cost-effective leads.


Before you start the lead generation process, write down your Ideal Customer Profile. You need to know exactly who would buy your product.

By working out the ideal profile of your customers, you know what channel to use and how to communicate messages to them.

Here is a table that can help with writing your ideal customer profile:




Job Title:








Decision Maker?

What are the customer’s goals?


What are the customer’s problems and pains?


What type of solution does he/she expect?


Why wouldn’t this customer use your service?

What does the customer have right now?              Before:



What is the customer feeling?                                Before:



What is the customer’s average day like?              Before:



What is the customer’s status?                              Before:



What words, phrases, clichés, slang or patterns of language does the customer use when they think of the product?





Describe the current status of your brand in the minds of the customers

What can make them consider?


What is your product’s key strength? – Durability? Price? Experience?


Describe how can you influence them?


Once you define the persona of your buyer, you can use relevant advertising or promotional channels to get the attention of potential customers.

So how much does the advertisement campaign costs?

Do they have a definitive tracking?

Will they turn into qualified leads?

All these questions will pop into your mind before choosing the right channel. So we provide you the cost and also the pros and cons of advertising rates in the industry.




$63000 to $8 MillionApprox. $342,000 per 30-second adAnyone watching TVNoExposureExpensive wasted impressions on unqualified customers


$500 to $397,800Approx. $250,000 per adAnyone reading magazinesNoExposureExpensive wasted impressions on unqualified customers


$11 to 1.4 MillionApprox. $113,000 per adAnyone reading newspaperNoExposureExpensive wasted impressions on unqualified customers
Direct Mail


$50 to $7200Approx. $51.40 per orderDirect mail company’s mailing listYesTargetedPublishing and postage costs drive up the initial investment


$1000 to $5,200$7 – $70 per hour or $35 – $60 per leadPeople on your telemarketing company’s call listYesTargetedExtremely annoying hurt brand image
Search Engine Optimization


$4000 to $10,000FreePeople actively searching for a company like yoursYesA free stream of trafficContinuous monitoring necessary to maintain traffic stream
Pay Per Click Marketing (Nationwide)$4,000 to $10,0005 cent – $3People actively searching for a company like yoursYesA free stream of trafficEasy for amateurs to mismanage a campaign and waste money
Email Marketing (Nationwide)$4000 to $50,0005 cent – $3Your email database50:50Previous customersInboxes are cluttered. It can be marked as spam.
Web Content Marketing$6000 to $12,000FreeAll web searchesYesContent marketing can deliver traffic/leads for many yearsResults can be more “hit or miss”


(Source: Webfx)




Hence it is important to communicate to customers how unique your product is and how well you could support them. And today’s generation of customers also follows the “know before you go” buying pattern. They want to know the value, rating, and reputation of the product before they make a purchase.

Thus Online advertisements and digital marketing are the cost-effective, well-targeted and smartly spent marketing expense that guarantees traffic to your websites.

With digital innovations and technological advancements, any company could share the details of their offerings on their website; quote the price; answer customer queries with FAQs. If a customer wants to contact the company, they were given the address, email and phone numbers or they can sign up through registration forms so that the sales staff could follow up with them. Customers also have the advantage of checking the online reputation through reviews and feedback provided by other customers.

A well-optimized website would manage to get more leads cost-effectively. It should include:

-An attractive landing page

-A detailed explanation of product/service features

-Registration forms and Micro conversion

-Photos and testimonials of existing customers

-Links to privacy policy while signing up

-Demo videos

-Helpful blogs


-Social Media Links

-Press Releases

-Photos and information regarding awards and achievements

-CaaS (Conversation as a Service)


If you are one among thousands of smart business owners who grow your brand with an optimized website and digital marketing, you are traveling in the right direction.

But, hold on. Nowadays every business is adopting these features and therefore you are not standing out.

Customers are quite aware of these strategies.

Moreover, all information on your website is preloaded including an AI-based Live Chat that is operated by a chatbot. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your visitors would buy your product unless you influence their buying decision like how a sales executive would do if they visit your store.

You cannot get their contact details or book a demo unless they sign up.

Your website would get traffic but you cannot find suitable prospects.


If this is your problem you should try a tool that…


#1. Indulges in pro-active communication whenever a visitor arrives on your website.

#2. Recognize previous visitors and greet them with a personal message

#3. Chat to your visitors just like how a sales representative at your outlet does

#4. Explain the products or services, emphasize their value, up-sell and cross-sell.

#5. Book appointments or schedule a phone call with your sales team

#6. Engage with your customers 24/7, 365 days across the globe


If all this is possible in one tool that would be CaaS (Conversation as a Service).

If you are looking for more knowledge about CaaS and how we deliver a 25% increase in conversion rates in 30 days reducing the overall Cost-per-conversion, visit Chat Metrics and view the video.

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How to Manage Your Sales Team to Get More Qualified Leads Cost-Effectively?