How Skin & Laser Clinic increased their website bookings by 400% while reducing cost per acquisition by 25%


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A new business (12mths old), Skin & Laser needed to boost their bookings

With considerable investment in the latest technology and their digital presence and marketing, Skin & Laser wanted to ensure an optimal return on their investment whilst providing the ultimate in customer service. The main areas of focus for us were to reduce the website bounce rate and maximise customer satisfaction and online bookings. The base-line was one online booking per week and a bounce rate of 64%.

“We know we are missing out on enquiries and booking but just not sure how many”

Skin & Laser Clinic are paramedical dermal clinics delivering results with the latest technologies. They provide medical grade treatments such as Laser Hair removal and Tattoo Removal. Specialising in age management, they believe that you deserve to look your best. Skin & Laser live by “Our passion is Your Skin”

A personalised approach was decided upon

After a discussion with the client, we put together a custom strategy for the website by greeting each unique visitor with a passion to serve, answer and satisfy. Our chat people were trained in both the technologies and services provided by Skin & Laser as well as given clear guidance as to the “personality” of the business to emulate. Key features for Skin & Laser:

  • Warm Welcome
  • Recognize past visitors
  • Be knowledgeable in our answers
  • Act as an extended “customer service arm” to the business
  • Apply daily and lifetime frequency caps to each user to prevent over exposure.

Skin & Laser have been delighted in the outcomes

The results became obvious immediately. Leads and bookings from their website started to increase, clients were mentioning how good the “chats” were with the website staff. At the six months stage, online bookings had increased from 1 per week to 4 per day and website bounce rate dropped from 64% to just 35%.

  • avg. 4 leads/day
  • 25% less Cost Per lead Acquisition (CPA)
  • 35% Bounce Rate

“These guys have built such a strong relationship with our organization that we consider them an extension of our reception desk. Our customers love live chat, as they get quicker answers, faster bookings and general information within minutes and sometimes seconds. We all love ‘ Chat Metrics’ it just takes the load off the clinic and has been an integral part of our growth.”

This is one of many success stories that we have been able to deliver for our clients.

Interested in finding out more about our managed live chat service?

Please visit Free Trial for a complimentary assessment.

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By : Terry Wilson

By : Terry Wilson

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