Managed Live Chat for Educational Institutions: A Better Way to Communicate

Managed Live Chat for Educational Institutions: A Better Way to Communicate

Managed Live Chat for Educational Institutions

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Managed Live Chat for Educational Institutions: A Better Way to Communicate

Over the past few years, the world has changed drastically, presenting new challenges and opportunities. People have become more tech-savvy making some of our daily tasks unimaginable without access to the web. Supportive or not, Educational institutions must keep abreast of the technological changes to maintain relevancy.

Recent studies show that the younger generation of people is more likely to engage in a text conversation than in person. This is why educational institutions have to think of new ways to engage with this generation who are fascinated by digital communication.

Luckily, there is a solution to this modern problem.

‘Managed Live Chat’, you heard it right!!

Educational institutions are actively involved in exchanging information with their students. Implementing live chat software on your educational website can help meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy students.

If you are thinking about a live chat solution for your educational website, here are a few benefits that will be added to your online presence.


  1. Real-Time Communication

Students visiting a university website can be easily overwhelmed by the amount of content and navigation to find what they are looking for. Students may have a lot of queries regarding a specific course/program, fee structure, accommodation, or scholarships. This is where Managed Live Chat comes into play. Instead of waiting for hours on a phone call or responding to an e-mail, you have the unique ability to answer questions in real-time.

Having 24/7 human chat support means you can answer your student queries outside of your time zone, giving opportunities to engage with international students. Friendly, real-time communication is the key to winning over your website visitors and turning them into new enrollments.

  1. Excellent First Impression

Managed Live Chat provides the human element to your communication. This helps students get an excellent first impression, that they will remember and will refer to others who are planning to get a degree.

Students can look at the name and picture of the person they are chatting with during the chat session. Instead of being overwhelmed by content on your website, you will create an approachable experience with live chat. This will make your institution stand out from the competition.

Even if your students are on the move, they can get an answer to their questions via a mobile-friendly live chat solution. Getting their questions answered promptly creates a positive first impression on your website visitors and provides a significant competitive edge to your institution.

  1. Saves Time, Effort & Cost

The addition of live chat support will not only save the time and efforts of your team, but it will also save your costs on marketing and support. Compared to phone support or any other means of communication, live chat is extremely efficient. A single chat agent can engage with multiple potential students simultaneously. This eventually helps save time, effort, and cost.

  1. Interactive Experience

Your educational website may be informative but sometimes finding a piece of specific information can be exhaustive for some students who are researching on your website. This may lead to students losing interest and closing your website.

However, with live chat on your website, it becomes more interactive and lively, as students can discuss any issues or get all the information they need. You can proactively greet the students and chat with them, assessing their needs. With live chat representatives helping students during their stay on your website, the user experience gets much better.

  1. Increases Enrollment

According to Hanover Research, nearly 31% of college applicants abandon applications and fail to submit the application form.

With live chat on your website, you can instantly connect with students when they are stuck during the online application process and provide the required information they seek. This reduces application abandonment and increases conversion rates and application counts.

  1. Reinforces Core Values

Your educational institution focuses on effective ways to build interest in your institute’s educational offerings. Similarly, marketers in educational institutions find it challenging to promote your brand’s core value to a wide array of audiences. They need to find new ways to promote your brand to enroll new students every year.

This is where live chat offers educational websites a huge competitive advantage, by facilitating human connections between prospective students and the administration. Educational institutions that wish to stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of student enrollment and admissions should embrace live chat conversation strategies to attract and recruit talented individuals.


Choosing the right course at the right educational institution is one of the biggest challenges for students. Many institutions offer the same academic courses to students, so you need to ensure that you offer something that others don’t. Having a live chat solution can do wonders for your online recruitment process. It not only will help your potential students find the right information, but it also will provide support promptly. A properly implemented live chat can improve your potential student’s user experience conveniently and satisfactorily, thereby influencing their decision-making process while enrolling.


Looking for a Live Chat solution?

Chat Metrics is the #1 Managed live chat solution, providing better communication between students and educational institutions. Chat Metrics offers better human-to-human interaction with your website visitors. Through real-time conversation with your potential students, our Online Sales Reps connect, build trust and gather the interests of the students, making their application process easier.

Our OSEs turn your website visitors into potential applicants and deliver them to your email inbox or CRM. By providing useful and relevant information, our OSEs influence your visitors’ user experience. Besides our team is available to answer student queries or help with their enrollment process 24/7.

So if you are waiting for the perfect time, your time is now.

To learn more about Chat Metrics and how we deliver a 25% increase in conversion rates in 30 days reducing the overall Cost-per-conversion, click here.

You are also welcome for free sign-up to see how Chat Metrics is a no-risk way to generate leads.

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Managed Live Chat for Educational Institutions: A Better Way to Communicate