The Secret To Building Deeper Customer Relationships

The Secret To Building Deeper Customer Relationships

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The Secret To Building Deeper Customer Relationships

Learn how customer relationships enhance your business and gain an insight into how Managed Live Chat services can help you with that.

Do you know that a positive human interaction reduces stress, anxiety and elevates endocrine-immune systems? Do you know the average life span of human increases when surrounded by cheerful people? People always need people regardless of their age. People would even try to find other people if they were stranded alone on an alien planet. (or maybe they would just talk to a soccer ball painted like a human head!) No matter how many social network connections or interactions we make, we always have the desire to meet that person in “flesh”.

Such is the depth of human interactions. It is the emotional driving force behind our survival. Inheriting this lasting emotion as one of your business’s core ideology will not only bring greater results, it will build the foundations for longevity that all stakeholders yearn.


Why Customer Relationship matters for big brands?

People support a company with a good reputation not because their products are great but also because they believe that such companies will be around to offer customer support for a long period of time. Usually, a well-reputed company does not stop interacting with the customers after they sell their offerings. Real relationship-building proceeds after a customer makes a purchase. They make a sincere effort in understanding how helpful the product is and extend maximum support to rectify any damage or defect. This makes customers realize that the companies stick to their commitment and thus becoming a Brand.


If you ever wondered why well-reputed companies make so much effort to keep a healthy customer relationship, the answer is: No matter how much money they spend on marketing and promotions it cannot match the power of “word of mouth.”

Happy Customers: your company’s best brand ambassadors, and that is priceless!

Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, and every other Fortune 100 company use 24/7 customer support to maintain their standard and reputation in some form. They are recognized not only because of their products, but how they take a step further by strengthening their customer relationships through customer service. They even adopt it as a work culture; their organizations are customer-centric. It all starts with their employees’ training and organizational leadership that walks the talk.

But a question would have popped up in your mind right now:

How could a small or growing business afford such an extensive customer relationship management strategy?

Also, considering these companies developed their base over a long period, is it possible to attain that position in today’s competitive market?

The answer is absolutely yes!

Digital Marketing and Reality

Digital innovations and advancements in technology are making a huge difference in the way we do business. In the past, a sales representative had to be employed to visit every customer. He/she spends time with the customers in explaining the product, building confidence, negotiating price, assuring the post-sales support will be there and finally wrapping up the sale. Customers too had to travel to sales outlets which could mean a trip. They had to trust the words of a sales representative and make the purchase within a limited time.

But today’s digital landscape has made this process easier. On the one hand, the companies can share the details of their offerings on their website, quote the price, answer the customer’s queries with FAQs, and on the other hand, they can build trust and reputation with content marketing, google listing and social media optimization. If a customer wants to contact the company, they were given the address, email and phone numbers or they can sign up through the registration forms so that the company sales staff can contact them. Customers too had the advantage of checking the online reputation through reviews and feedback provided by other customers of that company. They need no visit to the company’s sales outlet to check on the offering, and if the product meets their needs, they can make the purchase right at their homes and have it delivered.

It’s the age of armchair buyers.

But something is not so warm here. In fact, it is cold. What is the guarantee that a customer will make the purchase? How can you influence that decision?

As every business is following this way of digital marketing, it is a huge hurdle when it comes to making the businesses stand out from the competition. Optimizing a website using SEO and SMO does help to push their listings to the top of the search engine ranking, but once a customer visits the website all the information is preloaded and a customer’s next actions are completely out of the company’s control.


According to Neil Patel, no matter how much

companies spend on optimization, digital marketing

demands new methods to drive more traffic,

and increase your customer relationships.

Managed Live Chat Service for deeper customer relationships and growth

What is essentially missing in a website is human interaction to “enhance” customer relationships. As mentioned in the opening lines of this post, human interaction is the fundamental driving force behind every action. When it comes it business, it is essential to convert a sale.

So to execute this, we need to take the ideas that worked before the digital revolution. The idea of deploying a sales representative to attend to each visitor, so that they can explain the product, build confidence, assure the post-sales support and finally convert them as a qualified lead or the paying client for the company.

Considering economics, this is impossible in reality but virtually possible. Adding a LiveChat tool on your website will address every aspect of the problem. An AI i.e. chatbot is deployed to chat with the visitors, answering their queries and eventually collecting data for the companies to follow-up.

But the big question is, how much an automated bot can understand the intricate human mind?

Human beings follow the most complex communication pattern. Every utterance, pause, the text makes a difference. A chatbot answer mostly from preloaded ones and a customer who is basically a human might feel he/she is unimportant to the company as they just made them talk to a robot, rather than take the time to talk to them in person. Also, most chatbots cannot understand the verbs and use only the keywords to answer which could be misleading.

And so, this is where a Managed Live Chat Service or in other words, Manned Live Chat Service can come to the rescue.

According to (the world’s best Managed Live Chat service provider), it means, “a service where the live chatbox on your website is manned by a qualified staff 24/7, 365 days.”

A trained chat agent will chat with your website visitors on your company’s behalf. It helps in increasing profitability and greater returns on your investment. It fetches 4-8 times more qualified leads. It will give insights into marketing campaigns that are working and more importantly, the particular component of your most successful campaigns that are not working and will require change. It helps you build a database of visitors to your site. And last and most importantly, it will provide a very personalized client relationship experience for your online visitors.

AI is evolving day by day. In fact, a LiveChat tool is Software as a Service product. Any company can use it to make an interaction with the visitors. But a chatbot can never behave like a human – certainly not with current technology (unless you are Google with billions of dollars…)

Human touch is always a human touch. It is the key for a business to grow. Studies say almost 17% of top companies are going back to the old fashioned culture where products are sold through sales representatives. Although that approach may simply be unaffordable for newer or growing companies, they can use the support of a Managed Live Chat service to talk to their visitors 24/7, around the globe and persuade them to buy your offering.

We live in a time where every technology is reaching a saturation point. So the only way to beat the competition and escape the over-advertised world is –

  • To make a good product,
  • Open up every sales platform [both online and offline], and
  • Interact with your customers personally.

People buy from people they like or that are like them – in the end, it all comes down to trust.

For more information on Managed Live Chat Service and how to use 24/7 customer support visit and register for a free demo.

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The Secret To Building Deeper Customer Relationships