About us

One Million Jobs

Our North Star is to help generate jobs for One Million People.

We will achieve this by:

  • Helping our clients grow

  • Growing ourselves

  • ChatMetrics.com University (CMU) - Supporting those unable to secure fulltime employment with skills, competency, knowledge and attitude to become financially self sufficient and independent.

  • Other charitable projects such as sustainable farming.

  • ChatMetrics.com is committed to people.

We believe that technology and knowledge are facilitators of employment. The recent advancements in AI make it easier for businesses to grow and create more skilled jobs. ChatMetrics.com is a fully staffed live chat service and software company that helps our clients increase their website conversion rates and speed up the lead generation process. ChatMetrics.com was founded in 2015 with a mission to make it easier for our clients to connect with website visitors and convert them into sales qualified leads. Our objective is to reduce the wasted advertising spend and ROAS by improving conversion rates. At ChatMetrics.com, our mission is to help our clients grow by providing a high-quality, 24/7 live chat service that drives conversions and leads. We do this to solve the Speed to Lead challenge that most organizations face. Our live chat service helps our clients engage with website visitors in real-time, qualifying website visitors and booking qualified prospects into the sales calendar of our client’s sales teams 24/7.

Our Motivation is to provide:

The reason we do what we do is to HELP.

H-To operate our business with Happiness.

E – To deliver Excellence for our clients.

L – To shower our families with Love.

P – To share Prosperity with our communities.

We have successfully brought the early stages of our employment program to fruition by providing paid training to individuals with the aim of them becoming financially independent in a sustainable manner.

The way we HELP is recognizing the four Ps:

People –

First and foremost we are in people business. Business is just a bunch of people working together.

Platform –

Technology (including AI) is an enabler and multiplier to be leveraged at every opportunity.

Process –

Repeatable systems deliver predictable, consistent and optimum results.

Partnerships –

We work with our clients to achieve shared goals. Our business is structured that if our clients are successful, then we will be successful. It’s our driving force.

We believe in the Three E’s… Message to new employees:

Excellence, Enthusiasm and Energy are the 3 E’s we expect every client will experience when partnering with ChatMetrics.com. We will make them feel great about trusting us, make it special for them and welcome and respect each and every one of them. Excellence is the expected standard at Chatetrics.com. Excellence in all areas: Client Management, Client Outcomes, Professionalism and Commitment.
I want our team to be proud of ChatMetrics.com and that you would want to show it to all your friends and relatives, a better place to work than you’ve ever experienced before. A place where you feel welcome, valued and are developing your own capabilities to be the best person you can be.
Let’s talk about the 3E’s……..


We work with our clients to achieve shared goals. Our business is structured that if our clients are successful, then we will be successful. It’s our driving force.


is doing what you do because you want to. You are interested in your role and your clients. You are eager to exceed your client’s and your company’s expectations of you. Your enthusiasm sees you complete every task at hand with a sense of urgency. Your enthusiasm is what you bring with you to ChatMetrics.com. We create the environment for it to thrive and flourish but it is yours to deliver from within. ChatMetrics.com and your clients will see your enthusiasm every touch.


gives us the strength to deliver Excellence with Enthusiasm at ChatMetrics.com every hour of every day of every week of every year. It is what gives you the power to be the best. Energy allows us to sustain our action towards our goals and deliver on our promises. Energy drives us forward with a sense of urgency. At ChatMetrics.com, we honour our commitments. Every time we make a promise to our clients – to our employees – we deliver our promise or more. Our integrity is paramount.


Our leadership team

Terry Wilson

Co-founder and CEO

Pal Sidhu

Co founder and CTO

Rajesh Chaturvedi

Operations Lead

Sanghamitra Deb

Head Trainer, QA and CI Lead

Kyle Rasmussen

GTM Lead


ChatMetrics.com improved sales conversion and It's helped product, it's help marketing and it evolves as we launch new products, the team learns through the conversations.

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