Live Chat Features and Benefits

Features based on feedback from our clients.

Our clients provide the feedback that drives our feature set. And when our clients talk, we listen. We understand that a great set of features are those that are valued by our clients and provide an excellent user experience. Our continuous improvement program delivers ongoing development of the Chat Metrics feature set aligned to our client feedback.

Chat Metrics Features

Top Features: CRM Routing Only Qualified Leads Full Chat Archives Smart Access Control Multi Website Support Email, SMS, Call Notifications

A user-friendly and comprehensive dashboard keeps all your reporting and analytical needs at your fingertips!

Fully Qualified Sales Leads

We only care for qualified leads. Throughout the conversation with your website visitors, we build trust, connect and get information that qualifies the lead as specified by our customer/website owner.

Conversion Overview

Get a quick glimpse into what how many chats took place in the last 7 days (or select any other period) and how many converted into leads/potential clients.

Dedicated Leads Page

Instant view of the latest and leads and all history of leads generated since you signed up.

History Of All Chats (leads and non leads)

If there is one medium that can tell you what your customers are thinking and what they have to say, that is the customer themselves. 

Chat history contains all chat transcripts. It is great to see what your converted Lead conversations look like but there is a goldmine in non-leads too. See what the non-converting customers had to say, all inside ‘chat archives’ page.

Smart Access Control

Account owners can create unlimited users with different permissions such as

Multi-Site Support

You own more than one website that you want to be powered with Chat Metrics?
We have you covered. Using our multi-site module you can see all your websites under one dashboard. Simply choose the website you want to see or view accumulated data on one page.