Install ChatMetrics LiveChat using Google Tag Manager

how to install LiveChat on your site with Google Tag Manager (or GTM) with this step-by-step tutorial.

Google Tag Manager Live Chat Installation tutorial

One place for all your code snippets, follow these steps:

1 Sign in to your Google account.

2 Go to the Google Tag Manager page and select Create Account.

3 Choose a name for your account.

Google Tag Manager Live Chat

4 Next, you need to setup a container. The container holds all your tags, such as Google Analytics tag, Adwords tag or LiveChat tag. Name the container, select Web and confirm with Create.

Google Tag Manager LiveChat

5 Read through the GTM Terms of Service and select YES to accept them.

6 A container with a code snippet will pop up. Copy the code and paste it into every page of your site just below the opening tag.

7 Select OK to close the code snippet box and finish setting up your first container.


Select Add a new tag to create a tag in your container.

GTM tutorial for installing LiveChat

Select Tag Configuration and choose Custom HTML.

GTM LiveChat tag type
10 Copy LiveChat installation code and paste it into the HTML tab.
custom html code GTM tutorial
11 Proceed to Triggering and select All Pages.
12 Save the configuration. GTM will ask you to name your tag. Enter the name and save it to finish the ChatMetrics LiveChat installation.
Google Tag Manager - adding custom html for live chat.