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Get more Sales Qualified Leads from your website 24/7 with fully staffed live chat

Get more Sales Qualified Leads from your website with 24/7 Staffed Live Chat – Meetings booked directly into your sales teams calendar – Pay Per Lead.

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How can 24/7 Staffed Live Chat help my business?

Live Chat is the most effective way to increase conversions on your website. By providing a 24/7 chat service for your inbound prospects where they spend most of their time researching you – on your website – your more likely to capture their attention where it matters most.
Keep reading to discover Chat Metric’s best practice tips and hints for Live Chat and how you can
implement 24/7 staffed live chat in your business to start filling your sales pipeline this week.

Done for you Live Chat

Speed to Lead – How long are your inbound prospects waiting for you to respond?

One of the biggest challenges with inbound website leads is getting back to them promptly. Capture more of the market by being first into more deals. You win 50%+ of deals you are first into – we make sure you’re first into as many deals as possible.

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4 Minutes

Is the quickest any automated inbound response hits your prospects inbox.


Users report a 25% to 40% increase in deal size for deals sourced through Live Chat.


You win 50%+ of the deals you are first into. No competitors have 24/7 live chat = first mover opportunity = market share.


Conversion rates are 391% higher when a human responds to an inbound lead within the first 60 seconds

Create high converting live chat in no time with Chat Metrics 6 best practice tips.

We do the heavy lifting, you get the results.

No 1. Make sure it’s the agents #1 Priority

It’s very easy for the agent to become distracted or annoyed by the chat given many conversations will not convert. By making it their #1 priority, you’ll never miss a lead again.

No 2. The chat must be proactive

You need to let the website visitors know you are there – shortly after they arrive on the site. No need to be annoying with multiple pop-ups, once is fine.

No 3. It has to be obvious it’s a real person – not a chatbot

Our experience is that more people are becoming reluctant to chat with a bot – make sure you let them know it’s a real human being waiting for them.

No 4. Respond within 30 seconds

You win 50%+ of deals you are first into – no one likes “hanging around” waiting for a response. And don’t forget – this is their first real experience of your brand.

No 5. Don’t ask for contact details up front

Make sure your agents do NOT ask for contact details until the conversation has resulted in a fully qualified opp. Trust us on this one – any doubts test it. Asking for contact details too early is what causes the highest chat bot drop off rates – we’ve seen drop-offs of 96%

No 6. Book the prospects into calendar appointments

There is a level of commitment that comes with a person accepting your calendar invite. Booking straight to meeting from the live chat – once qualified, reduces no-shows and increases close rates.

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