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Instant Engagement, Unmatched Conversion

Speed to Lead With’ CaaS, engage your website visitors the moment they arrive. Our Online Sales Executives (OSEs) provide real-time, personalized interaction, significantly boosting lead conversion rates.

Streamline Your Sales Process

Reduced Client Acquisition Costs: Our efficient lead qualification through live chat significantly lowers the cost and effort involved in acquiring new clients. Experience a
leaner, more effective sales funnel.

Around-the-Clock Connectivity

24/7 Service Our team is available day and night, capturing leads even during non-business hours. Never miss an opportunity to connect with potential clients, regardless
of time zones.

Human Touch in a Digital World

Building Trust and Value Replace impersonal chatbots with real conversations. Our OSEs understand customer needs, building trust and enhancing the value of your

Data-Driven Insights

Optimize Your Strategy Utilize the insights gained from customer interactions to refine your marketing strategies, making each engagement more impactful.

Upsell and Cross-Sell with Ease

Building Trust and Value Replace impersonal chatbots with real conversations. Our OSEs understand customer needs, building trust and enhancing the value of your

Join the Conversation Revolution

Your Next Step Ready to elevate your customer engagement and streamline your sales process?’ CaaS is your solution for real-time customer interaction,
reduced acquisition costs, and data-driven decision making.


What is Conversation as a Service (CaaS)?

Conversation as a Service (CaaS) came to light when marketers looked for a Live Chat software that is manned by Human Executives. They wanted a Live Chat solution that offers a conversation like how their store sales representative would do. They also expected to provide round the clock assistance and instant responses. 

Conversation as a Service (CaaS) provided all the above by deploying Online Sales Executives (OSEs) who offered one-on-one real-time conversations with website visitors via Live Chat Software.

The Online Sales Executives of Conversation as a Service (CaaS) would attempt a friendly and professional conversation with the website visitors and nurture them towards the website’s objective. 

If you are wondering how Conversation as a Service (CaaS) work to provide astonishing service and offer better customer satisfaction than ChatBot, here is the approach:

The pop-up chat box on all your webpages including landing and micro landing pages monitored 24/7 by highly trained 

Online Sales Executives.

Landing pages are the ones that contain “Call to Action” links for the website visitors. Most websites use ‘Pop-up’ windows with attractive welcome messages and fill-in forms to collect the information of the website visitor whereas Conversation as a Service (CaaS) enhances welcoming visitors and increases engagement and conversions through conversation. 

With people surfing the web all day long, the Online Sales Executives request what the visitor is looking for and provide them with useful information.

Moreover, the chatbox will appear on all important webpages and micro landing pages for continuous follow-up and engagement. You will be amazed at how this leads to their conversion or return and increases their desire to be your customers in the long run!

Our OSEs convert your visitors into qualified leads/appointments and deliver them straight to your preferred email inbox or CRM 24/7. 

Throughout the chat session, the Online Sales Executives will collect customer email and phone details, book an online appointment or help to sign-up online, along with the details of the enquiry which will be posted to you as a pre-qualified lead ensuring you can respond immediately.

Despite advances in business automation over the past fifty years, the heart and soul of every organization is still its people – without whom the organization will stop dead in its tracks.

Human interaction is key to excellent customer relationships. 

You may have a great product or service that attracts people across the world but you require humans to talk about your values and gain trust.  

One of the uniqueness of Conversation as Service (CaaS) is encouraging human communication instead of a chatbot. A chatbot cannot understand the context the questions are asked and mostly provide scripted responses based on keywords. Kayako statistics say, “about 29% of consumers say they find scripted responses most frustrating, and 38% of businesses agree.” When some companies use Chatbots on their website, the loyal customers feel not being valued, as the brand is making them talk with a robot. Our OSEs look for customer’s intentions and attempt a friendly chat to get their attention. 

OSE’s collect the contact details of visitors and based on the chat history they retarget the products during their next visit.

Being helpful. Being genuine. Being present 24/7. Being identified are the few qualities that make a customer feel important to the company. A study conducted at ReadyCloud indicated that retargeting can result in “a 147% increase in average conversion rates.” Based on chat history, the OSEs of Conversation as a Service (CaaS) would retarget the products to the customers in their next visit. Also with a wide gamut of CRM integrations, the customer’s data can be managed personally, and it helps to identify every time they accept the chat invitation.

you know, Conversation as a Service (CaaS) generated 50% of the leads during the “chats” conducted during non-business hours and weekends?

One of the problems of maintaining in-house live chat is that the salesperson who is making the online chat should be constantly available to answer customer queries or employ more to cover 24/7. Further, when they are attending one customer, they are unlikely to take up the other and hence the customers are forced to wait for several minutes. A study says, 24% of consumers find long wait times as their biggest frustration.” Moreover, if a visitor checks out the company in the non-business hours or from a different time zone, the companies would lose them as they are not online 24/7. With 24/7 assistance from Conversation as a Service (CaaS), you can manage to convert qualified sales leads round the clock.

The insights Conversation as a Service (CaaS) provides on your ongoing campaigns are priceless. It will help you plan your marketing expenditure effectively. 

Another major benefit of Conversation as a Service (CaaS) is delivering real-time updates to the companies on how their website is performing. Conversation as a Service (CaaS) provides analytics of average web traffic, the location and the time where most of the chats are originated, the status of individual leads, the retention time during the chat, the interests, and the opinions on the company’s offerings. It’s a win-win – you get feedback to improve your products and your site, and your customers feel that their voice is being heard. 

Up-selling and Cross-selling are another win-win, customers get better services and you get more revenue. Conversation as a Service (CaaS) can produce this two-fold effect. You are tackling multiple needs for the user, so your relationship deepens. With higher subscription charges, the user commitment increases, making them more likely to stick around longer.

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