Integrate Chat Metrics with Zapier

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Zapier live chat integration

Step 1


Create a free Zapier account if you haven’t already. Click here to join Zapier. 

Connecting live chat to Zapier - step 1

Step 2

Request access to your API key. Email from your registered company email and we’ll send you the API key within 24 hours.


Step 3

Once you have received your Chat Metrics secret API key. Click on this Chat Metrics > Zapier invite link and start setting up your integrations by clicking ‘Accept invite & build a zap’ button or ‘Login to accept invite’ if you are not already logged in to Zapier.

Connecting live chat to Zapier - step 2

Step 4

Sign in to your Chat Metrics account using your email and password.

ChatMetrics zapier integration step 6

Step 5

Under setting, look for API Key section near the bottom right of the page and click the eye icon to view the secret API key. Copy the key and come back to your Zapier account.

ChatMetrics zapier integration step 7

Step 6

Connect your Chat Metrics account with Zapier, under my apps. 

Zapier connect with Chat

Step 7

Click add a connection under my apps page in Zapier and search for (1.4.1)

search apps in zapier
look for in zapier

Step 8

Allow Zapier to access your Account. Paste the secret API key you copied in step 7 and click yes, continue to If your API is correct, your account will be connected right away.

allow zapier to access

Step 9

Now you can go to the Zaps page on and click the ‘create’ button and choose ‘new zap’ to setup your integration. Choose from the apps list and click on it. Next, choose the ‘trigger event’ and select ‘new lead’ (for adding a new incoming lead from and click continue

Connecting live chat to Zapier - step 4

Step 10

Here you will see the Chat Metrics account you already authenticated in step 8. Click continue, test trigger. The test will fail and you can click skip test, you will be provided with test data already present for setting up your next action

Connecting live chat to Zapier - step 5

Step 11

Now you can select your destination CRM or any other application you wish to receive the Chat Metrics lead into.

Note:For any supported related to this integration, please email us on

Enjoy your integration.

select action in zapier